Be sure of your target and what is behind it

20 يوليو , 2014 بواسطة :

canadian goose jacket Paul revealed to be a hoax after canada goose factory sale security guard admits to accidentally shooting himself canadian goose jacket

canada goose It is still under investigation. The word from the beginning has said that this police officer is canada goose clearance not talking and so not cooperating with police (at the advice of his lawyer).They do have a statement from his partner, who was in the Canada Goose Coats On Sale car with him. The police chief at cheap canada goose uk the time said within days that the officer did not act appropriately (this chief was fired shortly after this incident because it was determined that she handled this and other situations poorly).All signs point to the fact that canada goose this will go to trial and the guy has no legitimate argument canada goose store for why he shot her. One glaring difference from a lot of cases is that the canada goose uk shop victim was in no way a suspect (other than the fact that the cop was startled because she approached the car in the dark, and apparently he thought of her as a suspect for the instant before shooting her).She called the Canada Goose online cops. She was going above and beyond, being a good citizen.I understand that lots of Canada Goose sale people have been shot by cops who did not deserve to be shot. But in most cases like this the victim is generally at least was the suspect in some crime. If they don convict this guy, it sends a message to all citizens that cops have no boundaries for shooting people other than that maybe they can execute someone in broad cheap Canada Goose daylight. If they don convict him, then every citizen will say “I am afraid to call the cops to help me, because inviting them to uk canada goose my vicinity might result in them killing me.”If they don convict him, Canada Goose Parka then every citizen will say canada goose coats “I am afraid to call the cops to help me, because inviting them to canada goose clearance sale my vicinity might result in them killing me.”Good point, the difference is every citizen thinking that. Black males in bad neighborhoods probably think this already. When a pretty middle class white girl gets shot, that changes things. People who think it could never happen to them Canada Goose Jackets suddenly have to consider whether the urban black males might have canada goose uk black friday a point.I not trying to make it sound like a race thing, quite the opposite. This points out that there is uk canada goose outlet a problem beyond racism. It something else entirely to make buy canada goose jacket cheap up an imaginary perpetrator, and describe him as a large black guy. It just speaks to how large Canada Goose Online black canadian goose jacket man= scary violent person in canada goose black friday sale a lot of people minds. With no other information than how he looks, he assumed to be dangerous.The fact that people can say big black dude did it when it comes to crimes that canada goose coats on sale people made up is a problem. Because it reinforces those sterotypes, and garners more sympathy for the supposed victim. The fact that a black guy commiting that crime is seen as worse/scarier than a non black Canada Goose Outlet man of the same stature, is a problem.Never let the muzzle cross anything that you are not willing to destroy.Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights canada goose jacket are on target and you have made the decision to shoot.Be sure of your target and what is behind it.Spend a day at the range with a buddy or somone who knowledgeable of the subject and it might change your perspective forever. I taken somewhat anti gun “friends” to the range who have canada goose uk outlet left wanting a gun of buy canada goose jacket their own afterwards canada goose.

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